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Beyond The Body Code

Discover that the Body Code is only a stepping stone to even greater Healing!

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When I finally got my hands on the Body Code I figured I had finally discovered the ultimate answer to every question there was with the body. Well, that was true in so many ways, but as I used it on myself and those I loved. I began to realize that this technique was the key to unlocking so much more than just what it offered on the surface. I soon became a certified Body Code Practitioner and through the process of working with so many different issues that people were experiencing, I soon realized that the Body Code was the stepping stone that would launch my further investigations into the "Unseen World" around us. I began to create my own charts and researched the hidden meanings behind the charts of the Body Code. I began to discover that I could use the Body Code Charts as a base and attached "symbolic" meanings to many of the choices. This expanded the whole program and now I currently have over 50 additional pages in a separate binder along with charts I developed that guide me where I need to go with each client. In the past 2 years I have performed over 1500 sessions. With those sessions come many revelations that have sometimes blown my mind as I comprehended the meanings. I have become an avid reader of many different modalities and therapy techniques. Each has it's place in the healing process. One criteria I do maintain is that it works alongside the Body Code. This is the Core and allows me a system that is stable and consistent in receiving answers from the Subconscious Mind. In the next section, I will relate some of the findings that I've discovered as I have developed my own personal system to help my clients and understand on a deeper level what is actually happening with our "whole" body. Consisting of many parts that I would never have dreamed were so important and vital to our well-being and safety. This journey has opened my eyes and allowed me to "speak" another language ... the language of the body, mind and soul. Not everyone will understand what I'm saying, but those that do will appreciate what I have to offer.

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